English Teaching Learning (Virtual Classroom Project)

Virtual Classroom Project

  • Under “Gatishil Gujarat Program” Virtual Classroom Project had launched in 2014 by the Education Department in six districts and model schools of Gujarat on experimental basis with the close coordination between GIET, GCERT, BISAG and SSA. Now all the schools can get the benefit of programmes.

  • As per the Guidelines of RTE-2009, Language teachers were appointed in Standard VI to VIII, whose principle subject may either English, Gujarati, Hindi or Sanskrit.

  • Teachers appointed as a Language Teacher, whose principle subject is other than the English language, facing many problems in English Teaching.

  • Selection of School

  • Schools having language teacher whose principle subject is other than English is being selected in Project.

  • Project helps teachers to Increase use of e-learning in Teaching-Learning Process and provide real advantages of expert teachers to students.

  • Maximum E-Learning Material will be Utilized during the Project

Role of Different Organization:


Different Units

Special Features

  • In-depth Teacher Training for Project Implementation

  • Script Design by DIET Faculties and S.R.G. Teachers

  • Necessary Physical facilities is being provided by the Education Department

  • Planning of Time-table according to the virtual classroom

  • Use of Blog and You-tube for revision of the lesson

  • Blogs and Whatsapp is being used for resolving and guiding the teachers and students.

  • All the episodes of Std 6, 7, 8 are at virtual blog.

  • Schools can fill the online feedback on blog, same the monitoring person also give their report online by form filling on blog.

  • Schools can also give their problem or suggestion through blog and whatsapp

 Telecast Timings 





8.30 to 9.00


11.30 to 12.00


10.00 to 10.30 


12.00 to 12.30


10.30  to 11.00


12.30 to 13.00


8.00 to 8.30


13.00 to 13.30


Telecast days for all standards:

4 days in a week – Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 

3 days – Repeat telecast – Wed, Sat and Sun

Wed, Sat – is for teachers to discuss about activities covered in that week.


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Email : virtualclassroomgnr@gmail.com virtual.class.help@gmail.com

Blog: http://virtualclassroomproject.blogspot.com